Updates and News

I'll try to keep this updated but it's tough!

2024/04/27 - New post in Solo thanks to Issac Igunen!   More updates in Abyssals and Corp Management. More things in Eve Sites 

2024/03/25 - Updated security status in Newbie, added more stuff to Eve Sites, updated Caldari Standings a lot, even more changes to Plex costs, more Exploration changes, more thanks spread around.  Up to 102 pages.

2024/02/18 - Added video to Trading 101, created Solo thanks to Mazzic, cleaned up a couple pages.

2024/01/17 - Added Corp Management for those looking to start their own corp.

2023/11/16 - Added new Logistics page for logi ships, along with a lot of sov revamp stuff due to the war ending.

2023/10/27 - Updated Newbie (added starter ships), Exploration (a lot!), and Plex costs.

2023/10/13 - Added Plex costs page.  reworked Exploration a lot.  Lots of changes all over the place still, redid Bitter Vet 

2023/09/15 - Finally added Burner Missions , thanks to Mac Gunderson!   Also updated beginner activities with it.

2023/09/14 - Updated a bunch of pages since last update. Not new pages at this point, but a lot of random clean up.  Working another Mac Gunderson guide on Burner missions.  I WILL GET TO IT! :)  Career Agents got a huge revamp with a shorthand version and long form.

2023/07/14 - Minor updates across the board, started politics discussion of the game in Join a Corporation 

2023/07/05 - Added Wormhole PVE and Gas Mining thanks to Mac Gunderson.  New header thanks to Hokaba.  Updated Meta Modules and Ammo guides heavily.  More 'how to deal with hostile' section to Exploration 

2023/06/22 - Updates to Ammo and Meta Modules, major updates to Newbie for Epic arc, Bitter Vet to match new patch levels, finally updated High sec mining to give pricing.

2023/06/12 - finally put in more details in the Industry page for datacore farming, which doesn't pay well.  also added stub for Career Chart 

2023/05/28 - Added Xy's Skill Plans 

2023/05/25 - Put more details in Shipping and several other pages.  Need to do mining :/

2023/05/21 - Updated Career Agents with more detail.

2023/05/15 - Added No Magic for the stubborn

2023/05/11 - Updated Trading 101 to be better for new players.

2023/04/30 - Updated missions to be useful.

2023/04/29 - finally went live on reddit.  Thanks to Alterari for jumping the gun on me. :D

2023/04/26 - cleaned up the xy guided docs

2023/04/24 - need to merge in better documents. gotta figure out how to do that.

2023/04/23 - merged Making isk and Beginner activities.   Cleaned up a bunch of pages.

2023/04/21 - Added Whaling, updated Eve UI , Caldari Standings, Fleet Command 101  and added this update page.  Cleaned up all pages to be 3 buttons.  Reworked Newbie page.  Added filament use in Exploration, along with rework of the table of contents.

Details on page start under Thanks!