Ship fitting

Xy's guide on fitting

Xy from the eve online discord #new-player-channels wrote this guide, far better than I have written below.

Highly recommend it!

Here is your Eve Tip of the day on fitting a ship.

Fitting a ship is something that every pilot in New Eden has to do. But if you are brand new to eve, I recommend against trying to do this solo right now. Ask for help, you'll be given a bunch of forum posts to read, a zkill link or two, and generally will be short on cpu/grid constantly. It's tough. But we'll get through this.

First, if it is a published fleet doctrine, you must fly the fits we recommend. We want our fleets to be standard in their performance. 

When considering fitting up a ship ask yourself the following questions:

1. What am I trying to accomplish

2. What is the best ship for this goal

3. Is there a standardized fit for this goal

4. Can I do it cheaper by some method

5. Tech 2 (T2) should be default, but often a meta helps fit

6. Time to comb zkill!

Lets walk through this process together

1. I want to build a webifier ship for standing fleet

2. In EveMon, you can go to 'ship browser', and search for a module to see which ships get bonuses based on keywords. I search for 'web' and I get a list of ships.

3. The Huginn with a default fit for most major fleets, somewhat expensive!

4. The Hyena or Vigil Fleet Issue very reasonably priced. The Daredevil is AMAZING at this job too. I'll go with the Hyena.

5. I'll stick with a t2 web, and not a faction one.

6.  shows me some fits that died, I chose one in my price range and modified it to fit my needs.

Specializiation is the the key, and you buy a single to start out with. Maybe straight off market in R1O. After that dies, you maybe do one more single with a new fit. If you're happy with the fit, you buy 3 more and import it from jita.

Note, using tools like Pyfa helps a lot build them out.