Greetings, this is your tip of the day on Paragon missions to get EverMarks (EM) for personalization. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/EverMark  has more details.

You do these missions to get EverMarks (EM). After you've achieved enough EM (which you find in upper right corner of your wallet), you can afford to buy personalization for one of a few ships that include your corporation or alliance logo. They have a limited number now, but will be continuing to add more as time goes on. 18k is enough to buy the most expensive one now, but more expensive ships most likely will have more expensive requirements. Note that the alliance logo and corporation log are bought separtely.

Paragon missions are given out in empire in one of 11 locations. However, for null sec people, it is recommended you use the jita location, Jita VI - Paragon Fulfillment Center. While we highly recommend **against** you sending your horde main to jita, this is the one exception.

To do this properly, you need:

Your home (aka death clone) bound to mj-5.

One empty clone that you can install using *informorph psychology* skill

A jita alt (in newbie corp works) with a hauler- Does not have to be logged in at the same time.

A bit of isk

A desire to put your corporation or alliance logo on a few ships.

Your jita account can be on the same account or an alpha account on the same email address that you invited via https://www.eveonline.com/recruit. You can easily go out to the 'logout' screen to switch between an alpha/omega account situation.

So, on a daily basis, you will do the following:

* Jump clone (or burn a shuttle) to jita 6-paragon

* destroy your EMPTY mj-5 clone

* Install a new jump clone in Jita 6-paragon, this will cost you 9k.

* Talk to the agent to get a mission

* reject missions that are covetor/retrievers. You can reject missions indefinitely till you find one you can easily fill. Some people prefer the *venture* as the best bang for your buck. 360k for 2.9k EM!

* Login your jita alt

* get into a hauler. (I'm using an Iteron 5, but any industrial with 5k hold works)

* buy appropriate ship for your mission in Jita 4-4. So I have a 13k hold, so I'll buy 5 ventures.

* move the ventures over to the Jita 6-paragon.

* Contract to your main. Or if you have omega, trade.

* accept the mission on your main, and immediately complete it.

* You now have a 23 hour timer on your paragon mission. Your jump clone timer will be 24 hours initially unless you train 'Infomorph Synchronizing', which can reduce it 1 hour per level.

* Death clone back to MJ-5 by going to character sheet | self-destruct.

Learning to manipulate your clone in this way will get you better at dealing with your jump clones and your death clones, cost you like 1.4 mil a day, but eventually get you some nice marks on your ship. If you've done this yourself, would love to see some examples you've bought for yourself. :smile: