The Tutorial takes around 45 minutes.  You can only attempt it once per character.  It covers basic things like:

You should complete the ENTIRE thing, till Aura stops talking to you.  Once they turn you over to career agents, you are done.

Note, there instances of people getting caught in the tutorial not being complete, and is usually caused people jumping the gun and training the armor 'Repair Systems' skill early and talking to the career agents early.  In those cases, you have to either start a new character, or you just live without it.

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/AIR_New_Player_Experience has more details on all these things.

Can return back to the Newbie page for your next steps, the Career Agents!

Eve is also very big:

Total Systems: 8435 systems.txt

Wormholes 2604 (30.9%)

Null sec 3321 (39.4%)

High sec 1073 (12.7%)

Low sec 807 (9.57%)

Abyssals 200 (2.37%)

Void 252 (2.99%)

CCP only 230 (2.73%)

Class-1 358 (13.7%)

Class-2 537 (20.6%)

Class-3 506 (19.4%)

Class-4 523 (20.1%)

Class-5 531 (20.4%)

Class-6 118 (4.53%)