Jump cloning back to school

Do you REALLY want a skill book cheaper?   Are you in null sec or somewhere WAY out there?  Did you know you can go back to school inside 30 seconds, Buy your book, then teleport back out to where you were!  You can!

First, you need several things:

Realize you can save this time by just going to show info on the skill and hitting the + sign.  But the books inject directly to your character, even while in space, but realize they can cost 40% less in empire.  Shipboard Compression Technology costs 195 mil to directly inject, while 160 mil in empire, saving yourself 34 million isk (after jump clone install costs).


Step 1: Install jump clone in MJ-5.  This is under Character Sheet |  Character | Jump Clones

Step 2: Get a clean clone.  Go to the character sheet | Augmentations and make sure it's empty.  If it's not, jump into the clean clone in the station you are in now.  You can do this WITHOUT incurring a timer now.

Step 3: Set Death clone to your School station.  Go to Character | Home station| go to Select Home station | select your SCHOOL station. Your character picture on the left will say 'home station: Cistuvaert ... ...blah blah School'

Step 4: Death clone to school station.  Check implants again on Character sheet | Character | Augmentations, then | Character again to Self-Destruct.

Step 5: Buy books.  This is hard. ONLY buy books you are going to IMMEDIATELY do next step.  You might have to travel towards Jita (Caldari), Dodixie (Gallente), Hek (Minmatar), or Amarr (Amarr) to buy racial books.

Step 6 : Inject book. IMPORTANT! :D  I've forgotten. not even kidding.  Wait 24 hours if you fuck this step up.

Step 7:  Jump Clone back.  This teleports your character back to the place you implanted that clone at.  Go to Character | Character | Jump clones tab, jump to the one you installed.  You pay 900k to make this jump as you're installing a jump clone.

Step 8: Delete clone in school station Go to Character | Character | Jump clones tab, no need for it anymore.

Step 9: Set home station again.  Right click station name in upper left corner you returned to, and 'set home station'.

Step 10: Reinstall a jump clone in same station.  Go to Character | Character | Jump clones tab and reinstall the clone there, it's a smart idea in case you forget step 9.

[03:43:50] Kismeteer > eve has to be confusing because ... reasons I guess?

[03:44:23] Kismeteer > you can do that once every 24 hours, or less if you train certain skills.

Greetings, here is your Eve Tip of the Day. In two parts because eve hard.

In Eve Online, you a capsuleer, you are bound inside your capsule, aka 'pod'. This defense mechanism has a bunch of in-game lore that allows you to be effectively immortal. When you die, your consciousness gets transferred to a death clone, transferring all your current memories and skills. (This used to be a clone you had to refresh and you'd lose skill points!)

Understanding how your pod works is honestly very important. You can basically move it around in a couple basic methods.

* Fly somewhere. You do this constantly. You are safe inside your ship until you die.

* Death clone. You can set your death clone to a single station/citadel.

* Jump Clone. You can install extra capsules in structures with a cloning bay.

* Recloning. This uses fleet's ability to use a Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper item, allowing you instantly respawn in a ship inside a capital vessel. We don't use this.

Death cloning is something everyone in eve uses. When your capsule takes around 677 efhp of damage (depending on skills), you pod dies and your are reborn. This is just over 3 large smart bombs of damage. If you messed up and forgot to set your death clone, you might be VERY far from where you thought you were going to be. This used to be bound to cloning bay stations, but now you can right click the station/citadel name in the upper right corner and hit 'set home station'. This can cost you isk in NPC stations.

You can, once a year, set your death clone ANYWHERE. This is primarily how we move some people move out to us. You can also, at any point, set your death clone to your 'school' station. This is handy to buy skill books, and then jump clone back out here, will cost you 900k to install the jump clone in the school station though. You can death clone from the character screen.

Jump clones are more complicated. You can now have as many clones as you want in a structure. You can switch pods inside a citadel, without a timer. Switching clones inside an NPC Station, you have to wait for your Infomorph Synchronzing skill time before jumping again, usually 24 or 19 hours. You can use this to save training pods. If you do training pods, make SURE you have the ritual of: eject from ship when logging out, do not enter any ship until you have confirmed pod. However, you will miss kills switching pods in a hurry due to the session timer for every action on switching jump clones.

You can switch between remote stations easily with these skills too. If you leave behind a pod in an NPC station, you pay the 900k fee. These left behind pods can die if something happens to the citadel, but those pods are 100% safe in an NPC station, so those crystal pods are best left in empire if going afk from the game. You can train the infomorph skills to get more pods, upwards of 10 total.

I honestly recommend against newbies using training pods other than +2's for the particular skills you're training because you WILL make a mistake and lose it. And it's an expensive lesson. You train slower but the fact that you can fly without danger is a big big deal in eve. If you lose kills in eve because you're timid, that's a loss for me. :slight_smile:

Once you have your jump clones organized, it's very easy to live part time in two locations. You just need a spare death clone.

* Install jump clone some place remote, come back to 'home'.

* jump to remote location, instantly install death clone OR install new jump clone. Any delay and you'll forget.

* When you're done there, jump clone home 24 hours later, OR just death clone back home.

We used this heavily to defend r1o. If you get confused, ask the FC if you're doing stuff like that.

More details on Jump Clones - https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Jump_Clones_101